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The Thought’ behind Honecore About thought - honecore

For short term profits and/or lack of foresight, businesses over the years have all but ruined our planet, dumping it with plastics and other materials that probably shouldn’t have been made in the first place. That said, what is done is done and now we are left with little option but to try and undo the damage caused to our planet AND make sure we go ECO-FRIENDLY from here on. Our previous generations have generously given us electricity, the computer, the internet, the communicators, the locomotives, the luxuries of life like a lot of people couldn’t have imagined prior to that. We, on our behalf, aspire to leave our future generations with a greener world.

The team behind HonECOre About team - Honecore

Lsquare Eco-Products Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2007 and has, since then, been into the business of manufacturing paper honeycomb and allied products under the brand name HonECOre™.

The company was started by a team of 5 young men coming from management and engineering backgrounds with an entrepreneurial vision of a “Greener World”.

Located in the garden city of India, Bangalore, HonECOre™ is domestically the largest selling paper honeycomb brand with a facility to manufacture paper honeycomb with production technology at par with most low-to-medium volume production units worldwide. HonECOre™, today stands as a well renowned and the most recognized brand of paper honeycomb made in India and has, under its portfolio of client’s, some of the distinguished players from the wood working, sheet metal and packaging industry.

The Corporate side of things about corporate - honecore

As a part of CM group of companies, Lsquare is guided by some of the best men in the business. From financial analysts to senior ranking members of organizations like the associated chambers of commerce and the federation of Indian chambers of commerce (FICCI and FKCCI), members with over 30 years of manufacturing experience from the world over, on its board of advisors.

Under the able leadership of the chairman of the group, Mr Crasta, Lsquare has grown from strength to strength and the 5 founding members have come together to form a cohesive force ready to take on new challenges. For more on individual members of the team, you may visit, www.Lsquare.in.

CM Envirosystems pvt. Ltd. the parent company, has been around since 1982 manufacturing environmental simulation chambers that sell the world over, known for their sophistication, quality, reliability and competitive pricing. Built to international standards, these chambers have over the years carved a name for themselves in the market building CM Envirosystems as a brand envied by the competition. For more information on the products and services of CM Envirosystems pvt. Ltd., kindly visit www.cmenvirosystems.com.

About vision - Honecore
About honecore

To be the number one paper honeycomb brand in the Asia-Pacific region through commitment to quality, innovation, discipline and above all a long list of satisfied clientele. All for a greener tomorrow!

About honecore
About mission - honecore
about honecore

To achieve pioneering success in converting users of traditional materials in packaging and construction to a greener and cleaner option, HonECOreTM Paper honeycomb. This, with strong in-house research, development and innovation as well as very high levels of reliability as a supplier to its clients is our primary focus.

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