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HonECOre, is an evolutionary product that replaces non eco-friendly materials like (wood, PUF, Rock Wool Mineral wool, EPS) in their respective applications while preserving the key virtues of their usage in the concerned applications. On its own HonECOre is an eco-friendly, versatile, flexible and lightweight material that has excellent compatibility with other materials and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It combines with plywood, steel, plastics, FRP and many other materials as its sandwich faces to form some of the strongest composite panels for its weight and dimensions. It is also more economical than most materials, thereby making it an ideal choice. As a product made from recycled paper and eco-friendly glue, it is a boon to the earth as a 100% bio-degradable, non polluting, eco-friendly material. Large scale usage of paper honeycomb can drastically boost a country’s aim of preserving the nature.

Globally there has been much concern over climatic changes which have accelerated over the past decade. This has resulted in perceptible global warming, precipitation, flash floods, etc. The root cause of these changes can be attributed to the indiscriminate reduction of green cover in the world, excessive exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, high usage of fossil fuel, etc.

The Industry Trends:

Industry Trends

High efficiency and eco friendly options in every sector. Paper honeycomb compliments the trend in each of its applications.

Acceptance and usage of light weight and eco-friendly materials for the construction and packaging industry is gaining momentum.

Deforestation and government regulations with respect to the wood industry are causing a lot of hindrances like price hikes and shortages in the industry.

Protecting the environment by using biodegradable composite materials such as paper honeycomb is on high priority.


HonECOre™ Paper Honeycomb Core

Located in the garden city of India, Bangalore, HonECOre™ is domestically the largest selling paper honeycomb brand with a state of the art facility to manufacture paper honeycomb with highly advanced paper honeycomb production technology. HonECOre™, today stands as a well renowned and the most recognized brand of paper honeycomb made in India and has, under its portfolio of client’s, some of the distinguished players from the wood working, sheet metal and packaging industry.

HonECOre™ can be customised to suit various applications depending upon the load bearing required.

Hence, depending upon the application and desired usage, our specialists would recommend to you the right choice paper honeycomb core that best suits your requirements to give you the most efficient and cost effective solution.

At honECOre, we believe in a holistic solutions based approach towards our clients. We strive to become your partners in the production of paper honeycomb panels by sharing our expertise in providing you with knowledge on best manufacturing practices and raw materials usage including machineries, adhesives, hardware and fittings to make sure you produce high quality products using the best raw materials in the most efficient, effective and economical fashion.

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