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HonECOre doors, are high quality paper honeycomb doors which are extremely lightweight, Eco-friendly, durable and aesthetically appealing. The options of having a door of high thickness without adding extra weight helps the cause of hinges and door frames. In high rise buildings traditional doors can be looked upon as over-engineered items adding unwanted dead weight to the building. Heavy doors also apply higher stress on their hinges and hence are susceptible to cracks and noise during operation.

HonECOre doors are ready to install pre-hung doors. These doors are Flush Doors & Skin Doors with HonECOre paper honeycomb as infill. These doors predominantly have wooden frames at the perimeter sandwiched with different faces like Moisture Resistant Ply, Particle Board or HDF to form a lightweight structure of engineered design.

Flush Doors - HonECOre

These flush doors have 3mm or 6mm thick moisture resistant ply as face with a 3” pine wood frame. We can achieve three different types of finishes with our flush doors.

Veneered doors: These doors have a veneer pressed on the door face (ply) to give an exotic wooden feel to the door. We boast of an inhouse veneer slicing unit, and have in our portfolio over 30 exotic veneer designs to choose from.

Besides the designs shown below, we can also work with special designs specifically customized to your taste. Our finishes match international quality standards as we only use the best of polyurethane (PU) polish that provide a highly scratch resistant and durable visible surface.

Veneered Doors

Laminated doors: These doors have a laminate pressed on the door face (ply) to replicate the look of a wooden door. Laminated doors prove to be a good alternative where you need a combination of aesthetic appeal and high moisture resistance.

Laminated Doors
Skin Doors - HonECOre

These doors have imported High density fibre (HDF) skins as face which give a very sterdy, three dimensional feel to your door. These doors prove to be highly moisture resistant and have the flexibilty of different finishes based on taste like polishing, paintin or even raw.

Skin Doors
Doors - advantages

Lightweight and Eco-friendly: With an average saving of over 20kgs of wood per door.

High durability is an in-built characteristic of this sandwich material and this leads to almost zero warping with seasonal changes.

Aesthetically appealing since HonECOre doors are thicker and have a better finish when compared to traditional doors.

Longevity is another characteristic of HonECOre doors. Lesser load on the hinges and a need for thinner frames leads to saving of initial costs and also breakdowns during operation over long years.

Easy and safe to use: Made of Eco-friendly materials and being lightweight allow for safe and easy handling of these doors. Easy handling also means proper handling owing to lesser breakages.

Doors - usage

Framed construction: The framed construction of a HonECOre door allows for using normal locks, hinges and latches which are easy to use and procure even if they need to replaced at site after many years of operation.

Provisions are provided for locks within the frame.

Light weight doors can be carried single handedly while fitting.

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