Reco - Soft Furniture from Honecore
Flexible Flat-pack Furniture

ReCo™ is a range of flat pack and lightweight furniture meant for a modern and simplistic lifestyle. The Honeycomb paper used in the furniture is 100 % eco-friendly and biodegradable. The Furniture is designed ergonomically, and is user friendly; no hassles in assmebly. When not in use, simply fold away and stack away the furniture, just like books.

Furniture design has evolved from basic functionality, to something that is more interactive. In urban scenarios, and constrained living spaces, such interactive furniture plays a major role. Interactivity translates to interchangeability. Multiple purpose furniture, such as bed cum sofas, retractable tables etc are ideal pieces of furniture for a small single bedroom apartment. Compact, modular and convertible furniture works well in such scenarios.

ReCo™ is a product of Lsquare Eco-Products.

Product detailing Furniture - Yolk stools and coffee table

Yolk stools and coffee table

Coffee Table:
2 units- 1’2x 1’3 flat blocks, 2’6 diameter
full size
MDF 4mm faces
Magnets embedded
Glass top, 3 ft diameter, 10-12 mm thickness provided.

Three/Four units 8x6” flat block
3” cushions provided- fabric on request
MDF facing- natural colour
Magnets embedded


2’x 9” flat block
2’,18” full size
mdf surface, natural color
purpose- floor/ hanging lamp
Simple metal ring for frame provided.
Paper colour- White

Furniture - Lampshade


Paper colour: white
6”x 1’6 flat block, 1’ diameter fully expanded
Purpose- Table/ floor lamp.
Housing provided for bulb and wiring

Furniture - Lampshade

Lounger/ Day Bed

6ft full size.
2’6 x 1’2 flat block
Natural mdf surface
Magnet embeds

Cushion (optional)- polyurethane foam
With desired fabric - 3’ radius.

Furniture - Lounger / Day Bed


9”x 1’4 flat block, 1’6 diameter fully expanded
3” x 1’6 diameter cushion provided- fabric of choice
MDF faces, natural colour
Embedded magnets
1’x 1’2 flat block, 2’ diameter fully expanded, or 6’ when expanded sideways (used with multiple units)

Furniture - Column

+2 Chair

2’4x 3’ flat block, seat- 1’6
MDF faces, natural colour
Embedded magnets
Expanded form- 6 ft

Furniture - Chair

Lego Shelf

3 units, 1’5,x1’6 flat block, expanded 3 ft wide
MDF faces, 12 mm thick, natural or painted faces

Furniture - Lego Shelf
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