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The HonECOre™ EX/1500/D series are the state of the art and technologically most advanced paper honeycomb expander-drier machines complimenting the usage of HonECOre™-Paper Honeycomb Solutions.

The honeycomb core comes in a continuous format which is fed into the expander-drier passing through electric heating which ensures the precise moisture content in the paper honeycomb.

By this, the paper comes out in a uniformly expanded format which in turn bear’s maximum compression value for a given surface area. This, through an in-built and automatic cutting system, is cut to desired lengths ready for production.

It is extremely important to pass the paper honeycomb through this expand and dry cycle before processing to ensure the best results out of your paper honeycomb based product.

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Optimum utilization of the raw material:

Our client saves 20-25 % of the material as the honeycomb core is expanded and cut to sizes as against using the material manually.

Achieve maximum compressive strength as the moisture content of the material is brought down to 2-3 % before production.


Faster production times:

Up to 4m/min speed’s can be achieved through HonECOre EX/1500/D. Since the honeycomb is cut to size and adequately expanded (does not contract back as against using it manually), it increases production capabilities substantially.

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