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HonECOre™ packaging offers a very unique proposition of eco-friendly, lightweight and cost-effective packaging solutions. The range and applications of HonECOre™ paper packaging varies from primary packaging which includes cushioning and rigid protection, void fillers to avoid damages due to movement during transit , edge protectors that are provided for delicate edges & corners etc, to secondary packaging that includes boxes for extra protection. We also
offer high end pallet and crate solutions to products that travel half way around the globe to reach their designated markets.

Being an Eco-friendly option brings home an advantage that offers a greener and cost effective packaging to products. HonECOre™ is an eco-friendly replacement to:

Wooden crates


Wooden Boxes

Wood Pallets

EPS (thermocol)



Distinct characteristics of HonECoreTM packaging solution

100 % eco friendly

Fungus and termite free
Complies to all standards of ISPM 15.


Highly shock absorbent.
Does not break on impact, but crushes and absorbs shock thus yielding better drop test results.

HonECOre™ packaging has smooth surfaces. It has no sharp edges, no splinters/nails making it safe to move around and also for clear labeling and high aesthetic value.

HonECOre™ packaging is easy to dispose off being completely eco-friendly.

Customised packaging, designed to snug-fit products, providing complete protection from damage.

Packaging comes in flat- pack form, stack-able, thus saving logistic costs and inventory space.

Can be combined with varied materials to package any product.

User friendly design, easy pack and unpack, both for client and customer.

Eliminates usage of nails and free of splinters.

Product can be made fire retardant and water resistant.

Dimensionally stable over a varied temperature range.

Honecore Pallet

100% eco-friendly and recyclable

No fumigation needed

High strength

Low weight

Max load-bearing capacity of upto 1 ton

No nails/ splinters

Fungus and termite free

Honecore primary packaging

An Eco- friendly replacement to EPS, PS and other primary packaging

Provides adequate cushioning to product as well as protection from damage that may be caused by exterior elements

Due to a variety cell sizes and face materials, HonECOre ™ packaging can be customised to suit packaging needs of any product

Ensures complete product safety

Dimensionally stable through temperature cycles

Packaging - Eco box

100% Eco-friendly

Termite and Fungus free

Compliant to ISPM 15

No fumigation needed

No nails/splinters

Transported in flat form, modular assembly that helps saving logistic costs

Easy to assemble and dismantle

Lightweight – Up to 50-60% weight saving compared to wooden crates

Cost effective in comparison to wooden packaging

Surfaces, edges & voids

100 % Eco- friendly and bio degradable

High cushioning properties, against drops and impacts

Shock absorbant

Protect surfaces from scratches

Easy to use, available in stick-on formats

Protects edges from damage

Fill voids to prevent products from shifting withing packaging

Adds negligible weight to the product. Often as low as 50gms

Various options available for different weights, shapes and sizes


100 % eco- friendly and bio- degradable


Replacement to Bubble wrap, loose fill, and other plastic based fillers

Upto 25 % cost saving in packing

Comes in compressed form- 8000 sq mts of packing material in just a 1 m x 1 m

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