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What are honeycomb panels?

Lightweight paper honeycomb panels consist of three base elements:

Face : Top layer and Bottom layer
Moisture resistant ply
Particle board
Pre laminated faces
Cement boards
Veneered ply

Panels with frame and frameless

Core: Hexagonal Paper Honeycomb
Paper honeycomb derives its immense strength from its interlocked hexagonal grid which is a gift we have received from the nature. This, when coupled with faces on the top and bottom, make for thousands of I-Beams. providing excellent compressive and flexure strength.

Frame: optional (with or without)

What is a light weight panel?

A panel showing a density of less than 1100 lbs/m³ falls into the category of light weight panels.

Panel density
Characteristic advantages of honeycomb panels?

Weigth reduction approx. 50 – 70 %

Very high load bearing capacity

Material reduction approx. 60%

Price reduction from approx. 25 mm thickness

New facilities for design:
Wide spans of panels
No sagging
Better asthetic appeal with thicker panels at affodable prices

Simple handling and transport

Long life of product due to leight weight resulting in limited stress on hardware 

Ecological factor ( saves recources )

Applications of honeycomb panels?


Application of Honeycomb panels





Shop fitting

Cabinet carcass

Ecological factor ( saves recources )

Kitchen worktops

Conference tables

Wardrobe sliding doors

Lightweight Furniture
Processing of honeycomb panels?

Honeycomb panels can be processed with conventional machines:

Sawing: Like Chipboard

Panel processes

Drilling: Like Chipboard

Milling: Up-cut Milling

Veneering and Coating

  Panels pressure chart

Edging: Edge binding from Rehau and Döllken

Panels edge

HonECOre frameless panels frame insertion process

Panels insertion process

HonECOre Homogeneous composite frameless panel consists of paper honeycomb core sandwiched with face materials of uniform thickness.

Remove (milling) the honeycomb and a portion of the face materials using a spindle moulder. A step will be formed on the face material as shown besides.

Apply adhesive on the frame or the face material and insert the frame in the milled out area. A PU based adhesive will give the best results.

Panels could later be pressed, along with laminate pressing for better bonding. Same process could be repeated for all sides for frame insertion.

Hardware technology for honeycomb panels?

Today most advanced hardware fittings company manufacture special connectors for honeycomb panels. Hafele, Hettich and Titusonic are some of the companies supplying these special hardware.

Panels hardware
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