At HonECOre paper honeycomb solutions, we provide raw materials, semi-finished and finished range of products classified, by their application, in the construction and the packaging industry. While HonECOre Paper Honeycomb Core is supplied to both of these industries, we provide an end-to-end solution to manufacturers as well as to users.

Presented above are a range of products for the construction industry namely: Honecore Paper Honeycomb Core, Doors, Panels - with faces of particle board and MDF, with or without frames, Tuck-Away as well as flat panel furniture.

In addition, for the construction industry, look up our Manufacturing solutions with the Paper Honeycomb Expander Machine and its options to suit your production requirements.

Primary and secondary packaging for manufacturers of various goods including consumer durables, electronic goods as well as industrial and automotive components that need packaging that includes pallets, void fillers, primary packaging as well as secondary packaging like the outer box etc. These make for a perfect wood and EPS free packaging allowing for greater export potential and overall cost reduction.

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