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At honECOre we believe in standing by our clients not just in terms of supplying products but also offering the right support that is needed to adapt to this green and clean material. With our networks with companies worldwide, we bring to you the best in technology and product know how to constantly improve the efficiency, quality along with cost-reduction of the end products being made with HonECOre.

Our fleet engineers and advisors will be at your shop floor to assess the needs, offer solutions for manufacturing and also switching over from your current range of raw materials to HonECOre. In case of packaging, it is essential that the entire path of the product be traced till it reaches the end user and is completely unpacked. A phase wise conversion or a one time shift are two options that one may consider. For all of this and more, HonECOre offers the following services.


Get-wise-Packaging solutions: We visit your facility, evaluate the needs, the gaps and the scope of you going green with your packaging. A service that covers details from the product design to consumer behavior, an exhaustive study of one of the most important aspects of your business.

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Shift-to-green-manufacturing: Our change management solutions to help you start manufacturing the greener, cleaner and cost effective paper honeycomb panels. From technical expertise to change management solutions you can find it all in here.

Services - Honecore

Avoid losses due to trial-and-error through professional advice.

Complete training of workers and management to ensure good product knowledge.

A hands-on approach makes it more effective than process manuals and process charts alone.

In-depth analysis of current process/product and distinctive advantages of HonECOre.

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