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Why Lsquare eco-products?

Innovative Sustainable Solutions: At Lsquare eco-products, we’re committed to creating the best eco-friendly packaging solutions. Be part of a team that is at the forefront of innovation, developing products that redefine the industry and promote a greener, more sustainable future.


Environmental Impact: Join a company with a purpose. Our work directly contributes to reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy. Every project you work on at Lsquare eco-products is an opportunity to contribute to a healthier planet.


Creative Design for a Cause: Our design team is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating solutions that blend functionality with environmental responsibility. Bring your design skills to a place where your creativity can drive positive change.


Sales with a Purpose: If you’re in sales, Lsquare eco-products offers you the chance to sell products that matter. Join a team that is passionate about providing sustainable solutions to clients, and be part of a sales force that makes a difference.


 Collaborative and Inclusive Culture: We believe in the strength of diversity. Our collaborative and inclusive culture fosters an environment where different perspectives come together to solve challenges. Your unique background and skills are not just welcomed but celebrated.

What We Look For

Join Lsquare eco-products Pvt. Ltd.: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Passion for Sustainability

We’re seeking individuals who are genuinely passionate about sustainability. If you’re excited about making a positive impact on the planet through your work, Lsquare eco-products is the perfect place for you.

Expertise in Engineering and Design

Whether you’re an experienced engineer or a creative designer, bring your expertise to the table. We value individuals who are not only skilled in their craft but also dedicated to creating solutions that benefit both the client and the environment.

Sales Drive with a Purpose

If you’re in sales, we want individuals who are not just motivated by numbers but by the positive impact they can make. Join a sales team that is driven by purpose and a commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to our clients.


The sustainability landscape is ever-evolving, and we need team members who can adapt to change, embrace innovation, and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in eco-friendly packaging.

Perks & Benifits

Competitive Salary

Best in class salaries


Young Team

Average age under 40


Employee First

Focus on leadership development


Insured protection for self and family